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Empowering The Youth With Digital Skills In Today's Digital Economy

Youth Digital Academy is designed to equip the youth with Digital Marketing, Online Entrepreneurship, Digital Art & Design and Personal Development Skills to give them and edge in today's digital economy.

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What's Included In This Membership?

Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Digital Art & Design

Personal Development & Mindset Training

Meet The Founder: Douglas Nimoh

Douglas Nimoh is a Dad of 7, Digital Marketing Consultant, Online Entrepreneur and Personal Development Coach. His passion is helping individuals and small business owners leverage the power of the Internet to transform their lives and businesses. When he is not working on his Print On Demand Ecommerce Business, he spends time mentoring his students with online business training and small businesses with automated Marketing And Sales systems. 

As a dad of 7 Douglas mentors his children in Digital Marketing and Online Entrepreneurship and has inspired them to build their own online businesses. In fact his eldest, Duke, who has a Marketing degree has never worked with his degree from the university, but rather profited from the mentorship of his dad to build his own online businesses.

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Youth Digital Academy Is Designed To Equip The Youth With The Mindset, Skillset And Toolset To Build Successful Digital Businesses In Today's Digital Economy.

Empowering The Youth With New Skills To Thrive In The Digital Economy

Today's digital landscape provides opportunity for both young and old. Anyone with access to the internet can learn new skills and make money online irrespective of location and age. All you need is an internet access and a skill.

Youth Digital Academy helps the youth with flexible training videos that they can learn at their own pace which is designed to help them build confidence and be successful in the digital world.

Our Youth, Our Future

Our youth are are future. Digital is no more the future, but the now. The school system is not in a position to equip our youth with all the training they need to make it in today's digital world. Specialized training is needed. That's where Youth Digital Academy comes in.

Youth Digital Academy seeks to fill the digital gaps in our education by training the youth in skills with high demand in the digital economy.

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Meet Your Instructors

    Douglas Nimoh

    Digital Marketing Consultant, Online Entrepreneur & Personal Development Coach

    Douglas Nimoh is the founder of Youth Digital Academy and teaches Digital Marketing and Online Entrepreneurship as well empowering the youth with the personal development and mindset skills to help them navigate today's world.

    Duke Nimoh

    Digital Marketing Consultant, Online Entrepreneur & Ecommerce Trainer

    Duke is the first child of Douglas Nimoh.  With a Marketing degree under his belt Duke runs his own successful ecommerce businesses and train students.

    Naomi Antwi-Nyanin

    Digital Art & Design Expert, Online Entrepreneur

    Naomi is the second child of Douglas Nimoh, a mum and an expert in digital art and design.

Here's What You Get With Youth Digital Academy

  • Online Training Videos

  • Weekly Live Zoom Training

  • Rewards & Motivation Points

  • Motivation & Inpirational Videos of Youth Entrepreneurs

  • Private Community for Network, Motivation, Knowledge & Bonding 

  • Plus Many More Bonuses Designed To Empower The Youth

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